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With the help of Arkansas Sewer Pipe Lining LLC, we make even the toughest jobs, easy.

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It's never a good day when you have issues with your sewer and water systems, but with the help of Arkansas Sewer Pipe Lining LLC, we make even the toughest jobs, easy. We can handle all your sewer piping needs in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Part of this comes from the Perma-Liner system we use which allows us to perform trenchless sewer pipe repairs and pipe cleaning without excavating! That's right. No digging, no mess, no extra expenses! We understand that sewer problems can be frustrating. That's why we get in and get out as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.


From time to time you'll need sewer pipe repairs. Clogs, obstructions and wear and tear will take a toll on your pipes. The result? Backups and inefficient drainage. But with our help, we'll get things running smoothly again utilizing our non-invasive perma-liner!


If you have noticed your plumbing systems not flowing efficiently, it may be time to have your pipes cleaned! At Arkansas Sewer Pipe Lining LLC, we can easily locate blockages and blast away the rest! Through drain cleaning and hydro-jetting techniques, we'll have everything running smoothly again!


For clients throughout Northeast, AR, there's no better choice than Arkansas Sewer Pipe Lining LLC for all your sewer and water service needs. As experts in the field utilizing top-of-the-line techniques, we know the value of hard work and always strive for excellence.

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About Us

Arkansas Sewer and Pipe LLC has been providing plumbing services to the Northeast Arkansas community for over a decade, and we are proud of the reputation we’ve built as a leading expert in the area. Our team is comprised of plumbing professionals who make our customers their number one priority. We recognize that plumbing issues can cause a major disruption in everyday life, and therefore we make it our goal to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to any sewer and pipe issues. Emergency repair, regular maintenance, and overall plumbing system advice are all within our realm of knowledge, and we cater every service to the individual job. Sewer and pipe systems need to function at their full potential, and we’re here to optimize those systems in the most clean and timely manner possible.  

Our Commitment

Since Arkansas Sewer and Pipe LLC opened its doors in 2005, we’ve been dedicated to serving our customers in the best way possible. We’re committed to always growing and developing, and we always want to utilize the latest cutting edge tools and methods. Our team is professionally trained, screened, and licensed so our clients can rest assured that their plumbing systems are in expert hands. We’re invested in our Northeast Arkansas community, and we’re always on call for sewer and pipe jobs, whether large or small. Customers in Pocahontas, Piggott, Marmaduke, Batesville, Cercy, Marion, Newport, and Harrisburg testify to our friendly service and impeccable attention to detail. Give us a call to set up a no-hassle appointment to diagnose any plumbing issues. You can expect courtesy, knowledge, and professionalism every time.

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Arkansas Sewer Pipe Lining Jonesboro
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"Everything was great from start to finish! The service went smooth and I'll be recommending Arkansas Sewer any chance I get."




Arkansas Sewer Overview

Our Services

At Arkansas Sewer and Pipe, we are equipped to handle a wide variety of plumbing issues. Our team works on residential, commercial, and municipal sewer systems and pipelines, so there’s never a job too big or too small. Homes, businesses, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, factories, and city sewer lines are all included in our service capabilities. Our licensed professionals are experts on all the latest plumbing procedures.

  • Video Camera Inspection - With speciality equipment we’re able to have an in-depth view of pipes to search out fractures and obstructions with incredible accuracy. Our cameras can inspect for issues and then also pinpoint the location of the problem.
  • Sewer Cleaning - Foul odors and backups are never a welcome addition to a household or business, so regular maintenance of sewer lines is one of our specialties. We use high speed cleaning methods to make the process as quick and easy as possible.
  • Snaking - When a blockage occurs, we use flexible tools and suction equipment to remove foreign objects and buildup, ensuring that water flow is unhindered throughout the line. Professional snaking helps to prevent damage and more costly repairs.
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining - Rather than dig up broken pipes, most of our jobs can be done using trenchless pipe lining technology. Using a single entry point to coat the interior of pipes with Perma-Liner means less mess and increased durability.
  • Excavation - Sometimes a job requires going beneath the surface, and we have the heavy machinery necessary for major trench digging, pipe replacement, and pipeline construction.
  • Point Repair - Inserting and curing a sleeve within  a pipeline fracture can be a viable method of sealing a break and extending the life of the pipe. Point repair is much more cost effective than an entire replacement. 

From regular maintenance to a complete system overhaul, Arkansas Sewer and Pipe is ready and willing to tackle any plumbing job. It’s both our speciality and our passion!

Our Edge

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest plumbing advances and trends. As a licensed and certified Perma-Liner company, we have a technological edge over sewer repair companies that use more traditional methods. Perma-Liner allows us to make repairs more efficiently and with less property damage because most of the work can be done without breaking ground. This cutting edge trenchless technology is less invasive and chaotic than other methods, so it in turn saves time and money for our customers.

In addition, at Arkansas Sewer and Pipe LLC, we recognize the need to collaborate with other plumbers in the area. Healthy competition ensures great pricing for our customers, but when we work together with other companies, we can often get projects accomplished more quickly. This gives us a definite edge when it comes to customer service, since plumbing and sewer issues need to be handled promptly and cannot be put off indefinitely. We’ve found that cooperation with other plumbers is a business model that profits the most important people—our customers.

Our Service Area

Because we’re local to Jonesboro, AK, our team is always able to serve customers in the Northeast Arkansas area in a timely manner. Our technicians regularly visit Pocahontas, Piggott, Marmaduke, Batesville, Cercy, Marion, and even out to Newport and Harrisburg. The surrounding Jonesboro region is considered home for us, and we are glad to work with residential and commercial clients as far west as I67 and as far south as I64. Because we desire to serve calls quickly and efficiently, we are unable to take on sewer issues in Tennessee or Missouri. By focusing on our established service area, we’re able to be on call for emergency services while also balancing larger pre-planned jobs.

Our Financing

We recognize that major sewer repair can be an unexpected expense. That’s why we offer in-house financing options with monthly payment plans available for as low as $68. A short application is required for financing approval, and we are usually able to work within most client budgets. Once our professionals have developed an estimate for the work required, they can help answer any questions about financing on an individual basis. Putting off plumbing work due to budget limitations can lead to larger, more costly repairs. Our financing plans allow our clients to receive the plumbing repair help that they require when it’s needed most.

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